Traditional Orthodox Icons

The process of writing an icon

In designing the Icon we take into account the following considerations:
– Tradition, and remaining true to timeless principles.
– Research to come to know the subject deeply.
– Know the life of the subject and the circumstances of his/her death and/or martyrdom.
– Why this icon was chosen, and where it will be placed.

– Research for similar icons as prototypes. Imitate, do not innovate, respect the tradition.
– In case no prototype was found, a new icon should be improvised after getting
acquainted with the saint’s life, vestments, garments, tonsure and beard of his era.
– Then comes the roles of colors, geometric structure, proportions and perspective.

– Factors in choosing the wood: Stability and durability.
– The cotton linen is glued to the wood.
– Many layers of gesso are applied, then sanded to reach the desired smoothness.
– Choose the gilding method, either water gilding or oil gilding, in order to apply the gold.
– The process of writing the icon begins using egg tempera and natural powder pigments.